Our Mission is to build a tribe of like minded people that creates culture to be relied on for support and motivation, getting comfortable getting uncomfortable, living your best life.

That being said; The Idols and Anchors Team is about spreading that positivity to others, whether it's your first day on a bike or you're an advanced athlete. 

Our Team stands for community, support, and getting uncomfortable.

Name: Kayti Petrillo

Hometown: Barnegat, NJ

Favorite Athlete: Ashley Horner

Favorite Exercise: Deadlifts

Favorite Food: Fetucinne Alfredo

First gym experience: YMCA! I was probably around 10 and went pretty consistently for a kid! I LOVED it but stopped going because I Moved. My first Experience as an adult was intimidating I used to hide in the "movie theatre" and go on the treadmill. 

Best advice you've ever received: A Ship is safe in harbor but that is not what ships are built for.

I am very much so a Jack of all trades. I'm a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. An AVEDA licensed cosmetologist, amateur

 photographer that attended the Art institute of Colorado. I am very passionate about the Health and fitness industry and always eager to share advice! 

Name: Shawn Petrillo

Hometown: Jackson, NJ

Favorite BMX Rider:  Scotty Cranmer

Current Bike Setup: 20.75 Volume Vessel 

Cult bars

Shadow Forks

Cult Cranks

Profile Spline drive sprocket

Profile hubs

Shadow Conspiracy wheels

Brock Raiford tires

Matt Ray seat

Snafu gyro setup

Shadow little ones pegs

Favorite Trick: Backflip

Trick currently trying to land: Tailwhip

Best Advice you've ever received: Risk the fall just to know how it feels to fly. - Dave Mira

I've always ben involved in alternative sports; BMX Racecars, dirt bikes, snowboarding, jetskis- pretty much anything that involves taking a risk. Ive alway been interested in anything that has wheels; I'm a GM Technician of 16 years.  I love hardcore music , and I'm always down to try something new. 


Name: Bremmer

Age: 31

Favorite BMX rider: Mike Aitken

Current Bike setup:

Kink Nathan Williams 20.75 Trans blue

Forks Snafu magical (chrome)

Stem Snafu (black)

Bars: Snafuillingworth (chrome)

Grips: Odyssey Broc (white)

Seatpost: The Shadow Conspiracy (chrome)

Cranks: Snafu Mayweather (chrome)

Wheels: Profie elite (gold) Laced with Shadow Conspiracy rims (polished)

Brakes: The Shadow Conspiracy (chrome)

Tires: KHE

Pegs: Tree Trick Sticks

Favorite Trick: Fufanu

Trick you're currently trying to land: Tail whip to fufanu

First skatepark experience: Would have to be good ole Jackson park. RIP the best mini ramp in NJ)

The best advice you've ever received: Keep Moving Forward

 My names David Bremmer; "Bremmer"  I'm 31 years old. I've been riding BMX since I was about 10, from racing bikes ro the skatepark, to the trails; I Love everything about the sport. Other hobbies include football, and volleyball. I have big passion for working on cars especially Volkswagens. 

Name: Dylan Pescatore

Age:  23
Hometown: Ship Bottom, New Jersey
Favorite Bmx Rider: Broc Raiford
Current bike setup:
Frame: Volume Vessel V3 Broc Raiford sig 21 TT 
Bars: Volume Mad Dogs 9’
Forks: Odyssey R15
Wheels: KHE Astern FC, Shadow Symbol front tied to G Sport Ribcage Rims 
Tires: Odyssey path pro 
Stem: Odyssey Broc 
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt 165mm
Sprocket: Odyssey La Guardia 
Pedals: Animal Rat Trap 
Grips: Cult Ricany 
Seat: Subrosa Matt Ray sig
Favorite Trick: Tailwhip
Trick trying to land: 360 tailwhip 
First skatepark experience: I didn’t even ride bikes then I was like 6 and I skateboarded. Some locals were at the park and I loved it.
Best advice I’ve ever received: “Enjoy the little things in life because you ain’t gonna live it twice” . Mac Miller

 I am originally from the beach but now I live out on a old farm and a few acres.  I skated for about 10 years before I got on a bmx bike for the first time and once I got on a BMX bike for the first time I knew it was love. I’m currently building a municipal sized skatepark in my backyard for fellows riders 2 wheels or 4, to enjoy something we all love to do. My Rottweiler Diesel is my right hand man alongside my 12 Burmese Python, Princess. Animals are a gift and shouldn’t be treated any less then family.

Name: Jake Calhoun

Age: 14

Hometown: Long Valley, NJ

Favorite BMX rider: Mike Varga

Current bike setup: Hyper wizard frame with snafu components as well as shadow wheels and a kink stem

Favorite trick: Superman Seat Grab

Trick you’re currently trying to land: fakie tailwhips

Tell us about your first Skatepark experience: I was at my local park trying to grind a small ledge and not even 10 minutes in I had taco’d my sprocket

Best advice you’ve ever received: “whether you think you can or you think you can't your right”

 I've been riding for about 2 years now but i've played hockey since i was in 4th grade and currently play varsity for my high school. Before i got my first bike i watched chris doyles part in kink bmx “squash it” this edit means so much to me because i first saw it when i was a dweeb in 7th grade haha and now it is such a nostalgic video for me. Bmx edits have a huge thing to do with my riding, i like to take a ton of riders edits and try and use their tricks to make a unique style of riding.


Name: Jeff Iafelice
Age: 29
Hometown: Simi Valley, CA
Favorite Athlete: Bradley Martyn
Favorite Exercise: Arms 💪🏻
Favorite Food: Sushi 

Tell us about your first gym experience:  it was definitely very intimidating, so I know and understand that feeling. I had no idea what I was doing or what I should be doing. I remember getting in and out of there as fast as I could.
Best advice you’ve ever received: You could get 100 “no’s” but all you need is one “yes”

- Fitness is my passion. I became a certified trainer in 2015 and love what I do. I love watching people become a better, healthier version of themselves and challenge themselves through fitness. In my downtime I love spending time with my family. Family is everything to me.

Name: Anthony Tedeschi
Age: 34
Hometown: Forked River, NJ
Favorite Athlete:  Babe Ruth
Favorite exercise: T-Bar Rows
Favorite food: Veal Parmigiana 
Tell us about your first Gym experience: 
7th Grade I wanted to start lifting to get in-shape and better for sports. Went to gym I would walk to after school and owner set me up with my first program. 
Best advice you’ve ever received: 
Nothings free in life and work hard for the things you want.


I grew up in South Jersey spending most of my time on or in the water. Professionally I am a Ocean Engineer-Commercial diver working for a consultant company. Recreationally I am a avid technical diver explorer shipwrecks and underwater caves.

Name: Kyle Johnson
Age: 30
Favorite Athlete: Michael Jordan
Favorite Exercise: Deadlifts
Favorite Food: Sushi
Tell us about your first gym experience: When I was 7 years old, my dad brought me to the gym.. and taught me how to bench press with dumbbells.
Best advice  you've ever received: The best advice I ever got was to just attack life in every way possible.

Cerebal palsy is living with me, I have the best parents in the world. They helped me so much growing up to get me where I am now. I wrestled for 10 years, I've been lifting weights throughout the majority of my life. I'm just trying to just enjoy life the best I can.